Guide to Promotional Products

Guide to Promotional Products

Effective Promotional Products for Seniors

Sep 01

How often do you see a promotion aimed at anyone over 60? When today’s marketing campaigns are trying their best to get the attention of consumers, there is a group of people in society that see...

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Benefits of Having Employee Recognition Awards

Aug 25

A recent survey showed that a whopping 91% of HR professionals believe that recognition and rewards are essential to retaining employees in the workforce. With the ongoing great resignation phenomeno...

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Curated Pick of The Month: Promotional Caps

Aug 18

When it comes to promoting your business, promotional products can be a powerful tool! Be it to improve sales, increase brand awareness, or as an advertisement tool, promotional products can be effect...

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Custom Merchandise for Music Promotion

Aug 11

Music events are special occasions for many. It’s not just a jamboree for artists and fans to come together and celebrate music, but it’s also a profit making opportunity for every stakeho...

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Why Should You Brand Your Headwear?

Aug 04

Customized caps are a great marketing idea for companies who want their brand exposed to the world. You must have one of those promotional memento caps stashed in your closet, whether it is from your ...

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Top Places To Give Away Promotional Products for Every Marketer

Jul 28

Getting promotional items for your business can be a thrilling experience. Promotional products give your business an edge over competitors and can help increase your brand’s exposure. If you&rs...

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Why Promotional Products are Important for Your Marathon Event

Jun 16

If you've ever participated in a race event, chances are you've seen promotional products like water bottles, t-shirts, and caps given out to runners. While these items may seem like simple race swag,...

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Best Corporate Gifts For a Lasting Relationships with Clients

Jun 09

Corporate gifting remains one of the key strategies when it comes to building client relationships. They are an excellent way to show your clients that you care. Some companies may present introductor...

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Refresh Your Marketing with Eco-friendly Promotional Products

Jun 02

Sustainability is on everyone’s radar. A survey conducted by Futerra revealed that consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and are more willing to support brands that are more eco-...

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5 Fundraising Merchandise Ideas for Nonprofits

May 26

If you happen to work with nonprofits or run a charity, you know that fundraising is essential to achieving the success of your organization's goals. While you may want to solicit as many donations as...

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Boost Your Sales with Promotional Products

May 19

People love shopping. It is a fun and enjoyable experience that makes people feel good. Yet in today’s highly competitive market, businesses are working hard to win customers’ attention. T...

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Make a Great First Impression with Fitness Welcome Packs

May 12

Whether you are a fitness coordinator, a personal trainer, or an entrepreneur, making a good first impression is fundamental to the success of your business. It starts the moment you welcome your new ...

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Elevate Your Coffee Shop with Eco-friendly Promotional Products

May 05

Who said promotional products are just for big businesses? Coffee shops can benefit from using eco-friendly promotional items to draw in new customers and keep regulars coming back. A study publis...

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Harness The Power of Promotional Products for Brand Awareness

Apr 28

As a retailer, entrepreneur, organization, or company, you know that brand awareness is key to success. You need to find ways to get your name out there and keep it top of mind. One great way to do th...

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6 Self-care Promotional Products to Show Your Employees You Care

Mar 24

When you feel your best, you will be more productive, feel happier, and more fulfilled. At Promotional, we understand that a physical connection between people and the company is importan...

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Golf Swags That Will Get Your Brand Noticed

Mar 17

We’re just a few weeks away from the golfing season and there’s no better time than now to start thinking of your giveaways. An epic golf outing is not complete without memorable swag and ...

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3 Reasons Why Corporate Uniforms Are Essential For Business

Mar 10

Corporate uniforms are frequently categorized as "essential but not urgent," and while most businesses recognize the value of this spending, it is often the last item on the to-do list. If you look at...

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2022 Trending Promotional Products That Are Actually Eco-friendly

Feb 24

Almost 70 percent of people in the United States alone are concerned about climate change. Statistics have shown that there are growing concerns among consumers about global warming, pollution and oth...

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6 Steps to Creating a Successful Promotional Products Strategy

Feb 17

Marketing is always changing and the strategies you use to generate leads and promote your company are constantly evolving. Promotional products have been overlooked as a tool to advertise a busine...

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7 Things Employees Wish Their Employers Do

Feb 10

How do great companies make their employees love them? Everyone will mention that high salary and great benefits are the key reasons. However, what distinguishes great companies from the so-so compan...

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Onboarding Kit That Will Wow Your New Hires

Feb 03

With ‘The Great Resignation’ comes ‘The Great Hire. Just in case you’re wondering, what ‘The Great Resignation’ is all about, it’s a phenomenon that describes...

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The Secret to Acing a Virtual Event with Promotional Products

Jan 27

A physical and in-person conference may be returning slowly but it seems that virtual corporate events are here to stay permanently. It can be challenging to garner enthusiasm among attendees who are ...

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Case Study: How Packetlabs Stands Out From The Crowd at Sector Conference

Jan 20

At, we have been helping corporations and brands across Canada and the United States achieve their branding initiatives. We work alongside businesses -- micro to large multinat...

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Must-have Affordable Customized Supplies for every Office

Jan 13

It’s always great to step into an office where all office supplies are branded with the company’s logo. Having a great range of work supplies can showcase your commitment to quality, leave...

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