Occasions to Give Gifts

Occasions to Give Gifts

Gifts for National Caterers Appreciation Day

34 hours ago

Serving food and drink between humans has been around since the beginning of time. When there was a social gathering, chances are a form of catering was in place, serving guests and hosts with a wide ...

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Gifts for National Solitaire Day

3 days ago

There are many stories about the origins of solitaire, but one thing is true - the legend of the game’s origin is unclear, although several unsubstantiated stories about the game abound. Some st...

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Gifts for National Pizza Party Day

May 20

Did you hear about the lady who got a second job as a pizza chef? She kneaded the dough. Excuse our cheesy pun, but today is National Pizza Party Day, and we’re in the mood for a party! The or...

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Gifts for National No Dirty Dishes Day

May 18

Ah yes, the daily pile of dishes waiting for you to wash them… They stand near the kitchen sink with their imaginary “Puss in Boots” eyes waiting for your loving attention as they s...

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Gifts for National Biographers Day

May 16

The biographer Peter Ackroyd once said, "I think biography can be more personal than fiction, and certainly can be more expressive." Every great biography lends us a perspective of a life lived. True...

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Gifts for National Dog Mom’s Day

May 14

You've probably heard of Mother's Day, but have you heard of Dog Mom's Day? The pet-loving community will undoubtedly enjoy commemorating this day, and if you are looking for ideas, how about bringing...

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Gifts for National Limerick Day

May 12

When you hear the word poetry, you might not immediately think of amusement or humor. Limericks, however, offer just that. Even when it sounds silly or doesn't even make sense, limericks are quite pop...

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Gifts for National Clean Your Room Day

May 10

In a 2020 American Cleaning Institute National Cleaning Survey conducted by Wakefield Research, almost 80% of the respondents agree that their homes are not as clean as they would like them to be. Whe...

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Gifts for National Archery Day

May 08

When you hear the name "Robin Hood," your mind probably drifts to the legendary outlaw who lives in Sherwood Forest with his band of "merry men," but did you know that "Robin Hood" is a term used in a...

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Gifts for National Nurses Day

May 06

Did you know there are four times as many nurses in the United States as there are physicians? There are almost 4.2 million registered nurses in America, and they make up the largest portion of health...

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Gifts for National Bike to School Day

May 04

Do you still remember walking or biking to get to school? Whether you were alone or with your friends, riding a bike to school gave you a feeling of independence, plus it was a lot of fun, right? The...

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Gifts for Baby Day

May 02

If you see a baby grooving to a popular song and start wondering how on earth they can dance better than you, there is scientific proof that babies are born to boogie. Sure, they’re incapable of...

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Gifts for National Zipper Day

Apr 29

Every day, millions of people rely on the indispensable zipper, which can be found on everything from jeans and totes to wallets, backpacks, and luggage. Curiously, it was met with some skepticism whe...

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Gifts for Morse Code Day

Apr 27

When "What hath God wrought" was communicated from Washington, D.C., to Baltimore on May 24, 1844, it was the first Morse code message ever delivered across a considerable distance. Prior to the intro...

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Gifts for National Hug A Plumber Day

Apr 25

What's a vegetable that plumbers hate? Why, it's leeks, of course! Okay, that might not be the best joke out there, but we couldn't resist it because today is National Hug A Plumber Day! Believe it...

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Gifts for National Picnic Day

Apr 23

Get your picnic baskets ready because spring is here, and there's no better way to celebrate National Picnic Day than a picnic, of course! When we think of picnics, great food and outdoor fun come t...

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Gifts for National Tea Day

Apr 21

Afternoon tea is the quintessential British experience. With millions of gallons of tea sipped every year, the British are one of the biggest tea drinkers in the world. Historically, tea was considere...

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Gifts for National Hanging Out Day

Apr 19

If there’s one thing guaranteed in life, it’s having to do laundry. Whether you enjoy it or not, have you ever thought of more eco-friendly and economical ways to dry your clothes? Many p...

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Gifts for National Record Store Day

Apr 17

If you’re like us, you probably set aside (and by that, we mean skipping lunch or avoiding buying teen magazines) some of your school allowances to buy cassette tapes of your favorite singers or...

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Gifts for National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day

Apr 16

We won’t deny it. We think National Wear Pajamas to Work Day is one of the best unofficial holidays of the year. After all, it would be fun to have some comfort and relaxation right after Tax Da...

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Gifts for National Gardening Day

Apr 14

Gardening is something that people do for a multitude of reasons. Growing and eating their veggies brings happiness to some, while stress relief motivates others. Some people find gardening a good sou...

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Gifts for National Licorice Day

Apr 12

Did you know that licorice was historically known more as a medicinal plant than the sweet delicacy we know it today? The earliest records of the licorice root date back to 2300 B.C. The Chinese con...

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Gifts for National Encourage a Young Writer Day

Apr 10

There are moments when it appears that nothing seems to be working no matter what we do. The easiest route is to probably give up; the harder path is not getting discouraged. Rejection happens to even...

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Gifts for Draw a Picture of a Bird Day

Apr 08

In the multifaceted world of art and ornithology, famous names such as John Hames Audubon and David Allen Sibley are often associated with magnificent paintings of bird species of North America. Meanw...

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Gifts for National Caramel Popcorn Day

Apr 06

Baseball and popcorn are from different worlds altogether, but it was a 1908 song about a baseball game that catapulted caramel popcorn to popularity. The lyricist Jack Norworth and composer Albert Vo...

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Gifts for National School Librarian Day

Apr 04

School libraries would be little more than a collection of books and computers if it weren't for librarians. They are essential to the effectiveness of learning programs that contribute to students' e...

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Gifts for National Children’s Book Day

Apr 02

If you've read "The Little Mermaid" and "The Ugly Duckling," you probably know Hans Christian Andersen, one of the most famous writers of all time. Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales have enchante...

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Gifts for National Crayon Day

Mar 31

Crayons are the most popular drawing product in history, so it's no wonder that they get their own holiday. This is a day to celebrate the delights of drawing and coloring. The name Crayon comes from...

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Gifts for National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

Mar 29

Did you know the US economy would not survive if it were not for small "Mom and Pop" businesses? The word "Mom-and-Pop" is a colloquial expression that refers to small (and sometimes family-owned) bus...

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Gifts for Tolkien Reading Day

Mar 25

If you’ve read “The Lord of the Rings” or “The Hobbit,” you probably know John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, whose work from the 1930s influenced and shaped the high fantasy genr...

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Gifts for National Countdown Day

Mar 21

Countdowns are useful for a variety of reasons. From launching rockets, cooking and workouts, we live in a world where they are omnipresent and serve many purposes. For many, it can create a sense of ...

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Mar 19

We have a theory that when you ask people to choose between chocolate or caramel, they’ll probably answer, “That’s like asking who my favorite child is!” Okay, we admit it&rsqu...

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Gifts for St. Patrick's Day

Mar 17

It’s St. Patrick’s Day so it’s time to bust out the green and celebrate! St. Patrick's Day is a celebration of Irish culture and heritage. Observed annually, it has transformed fro...

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Gifts for National Worship of Tools Day

Mar 11

The concept of combining tools into a single unit has been around for quite some time. In fact, the use of multitools goes as far back as the Middle Roman period. This early Roman “Swiss Army Kn...

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Gifts for National Proofreading Day

Mar 08

Remember when you spelled Mississippi by singing a quick tune so you won’t forget any letters? Or that striking typo from the first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in 1...

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Gifts for National Grammar Day

Mar 04

Cheers to all who've mastered “your,” “you’re,” “there,” “they’re,” and “their”! Today is National Grammar Day, and while master...

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Gifts for World Teen Mental Wellness Day

Mar 02

Self-care has been thrown around a lot these past few years, but how do we make it accessible to more people, especially teenagers who have to cope with a rollercoaster of emotions? According to t...

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Onboarding Kit That Will Wow Your New Hires

Feb 03

With ‘The Great Resignation’ comes ‘The Great Hire. Just in case you’re wondering, what ‘The Great Resignation’ is all about, it’s a phenomenon that describes...

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