Gifts for Come in From the Cold Day

  • Jan 22, 2023

As we enter the coldest months of winter and prepare for colder nights, snow, indulging ourselves in layers of warm clothing, coffee, and cocoa, one of the challenges may be keeping warm, especially if you don’t want to spend a fortune on indoor heating or if you’ve decided to cut back on its use.

Today is Come in From the Cold Day, and in honor of this holiday, we have some suggestions on how you may stay warm throughout the winter. As blustery winter weather sweeps throughout the United States, it can be helpful to protect yourself from the chill by bundling up in several layers of warm clothes or blankets, or perhaps both. Consuming warm meals and beverages gives you some level of comfort and warmth. So get your recipes ready for your favorite soups and drinks like cider because it’s the perfect season to get busy in the kitchen. These are just some of the ways you can keep warm during this time of the year. Do you have other ideas?

If you’re looking for ways to enjoy a beverage at home that will make you feel cozy, happy, and healthy throughout the winter months, why not try a Mrs. Fields Mug & Cookies With Hot Chocolate Bomb Gift Set? Not enough, you say? Wrap yourself up with the Port Authority® Mountain Lodge Wearable Blanket. This oversized, hooded poncho is luxuriously soft and warm—perfect for chilly nights at home or enjoying outdoor events. How’s that for luxurious comfort? Call us to order today!

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