Gifts for National Cheese Lovers Day

  • Jan 20, 2023

What do Epoisse de Bourgogne, Hooligan, Greensward, and Torta del Casar have in common? They’re some of the stinkiest cheeses on the planet. Before you run away while pinching your nose, hear us out. These cheeses may seem the smelliest of the bunch, but that doesn’t mean they’re not delicious. We bet these cheeses are well-loved by any cheese lover out there, and if you can stomach them, you might want to give them a try too.

Any cheese lover would attest that cheese is a pleasure and an indulgence. Never mind that they sometimes look or smell funky. They can satisfy a palate just like any perfectly plated meal out there. For the geeks, the production of cheese can be a wonder in itself. We won’t go into details as it might freak some people out. Yes, let’s set aside all the biological magic and focus on the goodness that is cheese. 

Who invented cheese? No one actually knows. According to ancient Greek mythology, Aristaeus was the first person to discover cheese. Some people believed it was created thanks to a happy accident. According to legend, an Arabian trader made the mistake of putting his milk supply in a pouch constructed from the stomach of a sheep before embarking on a journey. The oldest evidence of cheesemaking goes back to 5500 BCE and was discovered in Kuyavia in Poland. 

Today is National Cheese Lover Day, and there’s plenty of reason to celebrate, so why not host a cheese party for your fellow cheese lovers? Share a completely luxurious treat when hosting a party and start dazzling your guests’ palates with this Milton Cheese Set! The beautiful tray is made of natural Acacia wood and comes with a removable ceramic serving board with a marble pattern and is a perfect size for displaying a variety of delectable treats, including cheese, crackers, fruits, and charcuteries. Call us to order now!

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