Gifts for National Coloring Day

  • Sep 14, 2022

Have you always loved colors when you were a child? Do you remember the first time you were given a box of crayons?

As children, our worlds were filled with discoveries. We had a natural sense of wonder and were very perceptive. When it comes to colors, we started by identifying them or even thought about how cool it was to mix two colors to make new ones. Learning one's way around the color spectrum is essential to early childhood education. Most preschool classrooms have a variety of activities to cater to these needs, but as we become adults, it doesn't mean our love for colors should stop. 

People are now starting to recognize the therapeutic benefits of coloring. Nowadays, we have coloring books made especially for adults. There are even coloring apps available, but personally, we prefer going old-school: having a coloring book on a table and a box of crayons beside us. 

So if you want to color your customer' worlds, why not give them a chance to get their color fix? Give them this Blackwood 12-Piece Colored Pencil Set that has a pencil sharpener on top of the lid. Don't forget to pair it with an Adult Coloring Book Planner that keeps them organized and creative! Give us a call today to get more info! 

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