Gifts for National Dog Mom’s Day

  • May 14, 2022

You've probably heard of Mother's Day, but have you heard of Dog Mom's Day? The pet-loving community will undoubtedly enjoy commemorating this day, and if you are looking for ideas, how about bringing your dog for a stroll or simply spending time with them on this special day? If you can't, how about reading the origins of man's best friend, which we explore below. 

Early humans developed an alliance with gray wolves thousands of years ago, even before the invention of agriculture. Gray wolves domesticated themselves by following nomads in northern Eurasia, not as pets but as a way to survive. As these nomads traveled, they left behind the carcasses of game animals, which became a source of food for gray wolves.

Fast forward to today, a third of all households worldwide have a dog, which makes dogs the most popular pets in the world. Over 69 million people own dogs in the United States alone, and 85% of owners consider them members of their families. Science has proven the many benefits of having a dog, and as dog owners would agree, that is more reason to love man's best friend. Without a doubt, when dogs are properly cared for, they can make wonderful companions.

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