Gifts for National Limerick Day

  • May 12, 2022

When you hear the word poetry, you might not immediately think of amusement or humor. Limericks, however, offer just that. Even when it sounds silly or doesn't even make sense, limericks are quite popular and enjoyed by young and old alike. 

The origins of the form of limericks we know now are not entirely known, but it was the writer Edward Lear who made them popular. To date, he is credited for more than 200 limericks. Lear was a poet, artist, and musician from Middlesex, England, who lived in the nineteenth century. Although he is best known now for his children's books, arguably his most famous work is "The Book of Nonsense," a compilation of amusing limericks released in 1846 that is still in print today. The book enjoyed immense popularity and paved the way for limericks to gain recognition all over the world. 

Whether your customers love to write limericks or scribble down an idea, this notebook and pen gift set is the perfect giveaway when you're trying to make an unforgettable impression on budding poets and writers. With just the right size to fit in a purse, writers can bring them anywhere and write on them whenever they get a spark of inspiration. We've got loads of journals and pens on our website to fit any preference and budget. Come have a look at our website or call us to order today! 

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