Trade Show Giveaways That Keep Working Long After the Event

  • May 12, 2024

When it comes to trade shows and conferences, having an eye-catching booth and display is critical for attracting attention amid the hustle and bustle. But even more important is leaving a lasting impression once the event is over. That's where strategic promotional giveaways can be game-changers.

Too often, businesses spend money on cheap branded tchotchkes like logo pens, stress balls, or candy that rarely get used or remembered after the fact. They end up as clutter, ultimately getting tossed aside or thrown away. An ineffective use of marketing dollars to say the least.

But by investing in quality promotional products that provide utility and convenience, you transform that giveaway from disposable swag into a brand ambassador that keeps working for you long after the trade show floors have been broken down.

When selecting promo items, look for accessories that attendees will not only want to take home with them, but actually incorporate into their daily lives and everyday carry items. The longer those products stick around and get used, the longer your brand exposure and potential for driving new business.

Here are some terrific trade show giveaway options that can provide repeated value and impressions:

Portable Power Banks

In this era of ubiquitous mobile devices, power banks are must-have accessories for keeping smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other gadgets charged on the go. A branded power bank, ideally one with a high charging capacity and multiple ports, is incredibly useful for today's tech-reliant professionals.

Reusable Water Bottles & Tumblers

More people than ever are looking to reduce single-use plastic waste. A branded reusable water bottle or insulated tumbler provides a sustainable solution that's also extremely practical for daily hydration needs whether in the office or traveling.

Premium Bluetooth Headphones & Speakers

From listening to music or podcasts to taking calls or streaming videos, quality bluetooth audio accessories have become essential work-from-anywhere tools. Consider cobranded options from respected brands like JBL, Beats, or Bose.

Smart Home Devices

Voice assistant speakers, smart plugs and light bulbs, and home security cameras are part of the modern, connected lifestyle. While more expensive, these unique tech items deliver long-lasting brand exposure in recipients' homes.

Travel & Outdoor Accessories

For folks who are frequently on the road or enjoy outdoor activities, portable battery packs, multi-tools, camping gear, and other travel accessories can pull double duty as handy promo items. Waterproof bags, blankets, and apparel are also solid options.

Beyond functionality and repeated use, premium promotional products can elevate your brand's perception and create positive associations with quality and thoughtfulness. That's why it's wise to invest in better items in more limited quantities rather than ordering a bulk of cheaper throwaway items.

Lastly, be sure to follow up and nurture those trade show leads rather than going radio silent after the event. Combine your giveaway campaign with an engaging content marketing strategy—think helpful blogs, videos, interactive tools—to continue delivering value and driving potential customers down the sales funnel.

Because at the end of the day, effective trade show promotions aren't about getting people to take free stuff. It's about curating a suite of products and content that keep your brand top-of-mind and working for you long after the trade show has ended.

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